Privacy Policy

I (the developer) do not collect any data by using this application.

The application does not contain analytics libraries such as Google Analytics, nor does HealthNote itself attempt to collect or analyze any of the information you enter.

All of the information you enter is only saved locally on your device and in your iCloud account, and is not available to me or anyone else who doesn't have access to your iCloud account.The information saved on iCloud makes it possible to sync data between your devices.

Apple may provide me with stack tracking via iTunes when the app crashes. This only applies if the Share analytics with developer option is selected during device setup.

This applies to every app installed on the device and can be changed at any time by going to System Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics -> Share with app developer.



应用程序中不包含 Google Analytics 之类的分析库,健康笔记本身也不会尝试收集或分析你录入的任何信息。

你录入的所有信息都只被保存在您的设备本地和您的 iCloud 帐户中,不会提供给我或其他无法访问您的 iCloud 帐户的人,通过保存在 iCloud 上的信息使得数据可以在您的设备之间进行同步。

当应用程序崩溃时,Apple 可能会通过 iTunes 向我提供堆栈跟踪。仅在设备设置过程中选择了【与开发人员共享分析】选项时才适用。

这适用于设备上安装的每个应用程序,您可以随时进入系统设置 -> 隐私 -> 分析 -> 与应用程序开发者共享来随时更改此设置。