Optimization and Debugging

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SwiftUI is well-known for its user-friendliness and high development efficiency, which are its main attractions. However, its inherent opacity presents significant challenges for developers in terms of optimization and effective debugging when issues arise.

Principles of SwiftUI



  • Cracking the Code: The Mysterious @State Injection Mechanism

    This article will explore State injection optimization mechanism, the generation timing of modal views (Sheet, FullScreenCover), and data coordination between different contexts (mutually independent view trees) through a reproducible piece of "mysterious code".

  • Common Pitfalls Caused by Delayed State Updates in SwiftUI

    This article will explore two serious issues in SwiftUI caused by the failure to implement reactive programming principles, and provide corresponding solutions. Include after canceling the Sheet by gesture, quickly swiping right on the navigation container causes the application to lock up; and returning to the upper-level view while scrolling causes the application to crash.

  • The @State Specter: Analyzing a Bug in Multi-Window SwiftUI Applications

    In this article, we will delve into a bug affecting SwiftUI applications in multi-window mode and propose effective temporary solutions. We will not only detail the manifestation of this issue but also share the entire process from discovery to diagnosis, and finally, resolution. Through this exploration, our aim is to offer guidance to developers facing similar challenges, helping them better navigate the complexities of SwiftUI development.

  • SwiftUI geometryGroup() Guide: From Theory to Practice

    This article will introduce the concept and usage of geometryGroup(), as well as how to handle anomalies in older versions of SwiftUI without using geometryGroup().

  • How to Preview a SwiftUI View with Core Data Elements in Xcode

    This article will explore some of the reasons behind SwiftUI preview crashes, how to avoid similar crashes in future development, and how to safely and reliably preview SwiftUI views that contain Core Data elements in Xcode.

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