1. # 36 - Impressions on WWDC 2024

    WWDC 2024 has successfully concluded. Throughout this week, Apple showcased a series of new features and functionalities that will significantly impact the future. I will share my thoughts and feelings about several aspects that particularly resonated with me, reflecting on the highlights of this WWDC.

  2. # 35 - A Spectacular Keynote, Yet Practical Implementation Requires Time

    Yesterday, WWDC 2024 unfolded as scheduled. In the first keynote, artificial intelligence shone as the brightest star. Apple integrated AI technology into various system areas in a rather natural way, maintaining existing user habits unaltered and fully utilizing the contextual information provided by devices. To enhance user privacy, cloud-based AI capabilities are not relied upon unless the device’s local AI is insufficient. Even when accessing the internet, Apple pledged to strictly protect user privacy. In embracing AI, Apple has not loosened its longstanding focus on privacy.

  3. # 34 - WWDC 2024, AI is Not Everything

    Apple has always been a pragmatic participant in the AI field, providing excellent on-device AI capabilities. However, since the rise of generative AI last year, investors, consumers, and developers alike have been eager for Apple to offer more intuitive and perceptively rich AI technologies. Given the current market demands, it is foreseeable that AI-related content will occupy a very important position at this year's WWDC 2024.

  4. # 33 - Boosting Engagement: Forum Updates Alone Fall Short

    Apple recently made a significant design update to the Developer Forum. The new version not only offers a more elegant visual design but also has rationalized the categorization of the forum. Each category and tag now includes an RSS link, enabling developers to receive information in their areas of interest more promptly.

  5. # 32 - Recognize the Importance of Accessibility Before It's Needed

    May 16th (the third Thursday of May every year) marks this year's Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). This annual event aims to remind developers, designers, and related professionals to focus on the accessibility of their digital products and services. The event emphasizes that accessibility in technology is crucial for people with disabilities, as it enables them to use websites, applications, and various digital devices more conveniently.

  6. # 31 - Apple Uses M4 to Showcase Commitment to Embracing AI

    On May 7, Apple finally updated the iPad series after a year and a half, with the highlight being the new iPad Pro equipped with the latest M4 chip. According to leaked benchmark data online, the M4 significantly outperforms the M2 and even M3 chips.

  7. # 30 - Arc Lands on Windows and Google Layoffs

    Last week, The Browser Company officially released the Windows version of the Arc browser. Known for its excellent tab management, diverse themes, and outstanding performance, Arc has made a significant impression on macOS and iOS platforms over the past few years.

  8. # 29 - Blog Speed Enhancement and Apple's New AI Model

    Recently, I have been receiving intermittent feedback from blog readers indicating that the access speed is slow, with some readers even needing more than 10 minutes to load

  9. # 28 - Experience the joy of pixel games on your iPhone!

    Apple recently updated its App Store Review Guidelines, now allowing emulator apps into the App Store. Just a few days ago, an emulator app named Delta was launched on the store. Delta is an all-in-one emulator designed for iOS, supporting a variety of Nintendo handheld games. This app was actually developed a long time ago but was previously only available to users in non-App Store formats due to policy restrictions.

  10. # 27 - Apple Makes You a One-Day "Millionaire"

    On April 11, 1976, Apple took a significant step with the debut of the Apple I computer, designed by Steve Wozniak. Although it was just a circuit board that required users to provide their own keyboard and monitor, its historical significance is profound as this product cemented Apple's position in the market.

  11. # 26 - Swift, Beyond the Apple Ecosystem!

    Since its official debut in 2014, Swift has entered its tenth year of development. Although Swift began supporting Linux at the end of 2015, its promotion and application on non-Apple platforms have been slow over the years, and many still regard Swift as a language exclusive to the Apple ecosystem.

  12. # 25 - Let's VisionOS, Let's rock and roll!

    On March 30th to 31st, 2024, I was fortunate to attend the Let's VisionOS 2024 conference in Beijing. This grand event, being the world's first large forum dedicated to VisionOS development, attracted distinguished guests and developers from all corners of the globe. Throughout the conference, speakers generously shared their professional techniques, valuable experiences, design philosophies, and insightful analyses of future trends in the VisionOS development field.

  13. # 24 - Show Off Your WWDC 24 Wishlist

    Time flies, and before we know it, it's already the end of March, with just over two months left until WWDC 2024. Recently, some developers have started listing the new features and functionalities they hope to see at WWDC 2024. Every developer within the Apple ecosystem has their own hopes and expectations, what are you looking forward to?

  14. # 23 - Equip Your App with Privacy Manifests

    Apple recently notified developers submitting apps for review to include privacy manifest files in their apps if they use specific APIs. This requirement stems from the new policy introduced at WWDC 2023, aimed at compelling app developers and SDK producers to explicitly declare their app's privacy practices. By May 1, 2024, apps that fail to provide a complete privacy manifest will not pass the App Store's review process. Developers are required to provide clear privacy statements for the APIs or third-party libraries used, ensuring transparency and the protection of user privacy.

  15. # 22 - A Busy Week

    Last week was a busy one for Apple. They released the MacBook Air equipped with the M3 chip, launched iOS 17.4 allowing European Union users to access third-party app stores, expressed dissatisfaction with Spotify and the EU on their official website, and temporarily suspended Epic's developer account (which is reportedly soon to be restored). Additionally, Apple launched Xcode 15.3, bringing with it the update to Swift 5.10.

  16. # 21 - Embrace AI, Say Goodbye to Apple Car

    Recently, Apple Inc. announced at an internal meeting the termination of its ambitious car project "Titan," marking the official end of this decade-long, costly secret project. With the project's termination, some employees will be shifted to AI research and development positions to accelerate Apple's growth in this area. It is reported that Apple plans to integrate more AI features into products such as Siri, Spotlight, and Xcode, hoping that this personnel adjustment will help close the gap with other AI industry leaders.

  17. # 20 - Time to Prepare for Swift 6

    Recently, the Swift community announced the release process for Swift 6. Starting March 15, 2024, the release/6.0 branch will be branched off from the main branch, marking a significant acceleration in the Swift 6 project. It is anticipated to be released alongside the new version of Xcode in the second half of this year.

  18. # 19 - Beyond Code: Embrace the Shift in Mindset

    After several months of studying SwiftData, I only recently adopted it in my project. However, I found that coding efficiency has decreased compared to using Core Data. This is not because SwiftData is difficult to use; in fact, even though SwiftData is developed based on Core Data, to use and understand it correctly, I had to abandon many of the Core Data experiences I previously mastered and try to adopt programming logic more aligned with the design philosophy of SwiftData, leading me to start over several times.

  19. # 18 - Happy Spring Festival!

    Apple Vision Pro started shipping to customers a few days ago, with the first batch of deliveries exceeding expectations impressively. Feedback from various quarters indicates that aside from its weight and price, the Apple Vision Pro surpasses its competitors in most aspects of the experience. Numerous users have already showcased videos on social media of using the device in various scenarios such as driving, exercising, walking, and working, hinting at the emergence of a new cyberculture. We look forward to this trend continuing and hope to see breakthrough applications soon that fully leverage the potential of the Apple Vision Pro.

  20. # 17 - Inventory of Data from the New Blog's First Month

    On December 25th last year, my blog was officially launched after a redesign. A significant change in this revision was the provision of articles in both Chinese and English versions, and I also stopped updating articles on other technical platforms in China. A month later, from December 25th to January 23rd, the blog's traffic data showed significant changes

  21. # 16 - Apple Vision Pro and Third-Party Payments

    On January 19th, the Apple Vision Pro finally went on sale. Judging from the response speed of the Apple Store and the estimated delivery time of the product, the initial batch showed signs of being in high demand. Despite its high price, consumers (with developers and self-media expected to make up a significant portion of the first batch) still showed keen interest. However, how long this situation will last and what the public opinion will be after the product is delivered remains to be seen.

  22. # 15 - New Frameworks, New Mindsets

    I recently began redeveloping my "Health Notes" application. With the new version only supporting devices running iOS 17 and above, I've found greater freedom in choosing the technical direction. This week, I restructured the state management code in my project using the Observation framework, and the results were surprisingly good. Beyond performance improvements, this class-based approach to state management has brought me many new insights, making it more aligned with SwiftUI practices. It has freed state splitting and combination from being confined to purely state management code.

  23. # 14 - Progress Built on a Foundation of Stability

    Recently, the iOS 17.3 Beta 2 version released by Apple encountered an unexpected issue, causing a boot loop problem in several devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Currently, it seems the only solution is to download and install the IPSW firmware. Although the Beta version is primarily aimed at developers, the emergence of such a serious issue is still surprising.

  24. # 13 - Happy New Year

    Welcome readers to the brand new year of 2024! First of all, I sincerely wish each and every one of you a happy new year, filled with happiness and success. Looking back at 2023, I have briefly summarized my achievements in writing. In that year, I wrote a total of 34 blog posts, covering a diverse range of topics.Among the articles I published in 2023, the top five most popular ones among English readers were (according to Medium's statistics)

  25. # 12 - Saying goodbye to 2023 with a new blog

    After more than a month of hard work, I am pleased to announce that the new version of "Fatbobman's Blog" has been launched as scheduled before the end of 2023. I am looking forward to your visits and welcome everyone to provide valuable opinions and suggestions. This update not only achieved my preset goals but also gave me a deeper understanding of the latest front-end development technologies. I will write an article to record the insights and experiences during this update process.

  26. # 11 - Documenting My Life, Your Way

    Last week, Apple released the latest update version 17.2 for iOS. In this version, Apple finally introduced the "Journaling" app that was previewed at WWDC 2023. Due to its simplistic design and seemingly limited functionality, "Journaling" did not leave a deep impression on most users at first. I started using "Journaling" since version 17.2 beta 1, and like many other users, I also had doubts about why Apple took such a long time to develop such a "simple" app. But as I delved deeper into using it, I gradually realized the ambition behind it an information collection and aggregation tool based on local devices and AI algorithms.

  27. # 10 - Balancing Regulation with Technological Progress

    In the past week, I have frequently encountered cookie consent pop-ups while browsing popular websites. Despite the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union for many years, it seems that more websites have only recently started to strictly comply. As someone with a legal background, I deeply understand the efforts made by the European Union to protect individuals' privacy. However, achieving a perfect balance between safeguarding privacy and not hindering technological advancements undoubtedly poses a challenge.

  28. # 9 - Competition Leads to More Opportunities

    Recently, I have been busy with refactoring my blog website. This is not only an update project, but also an opportunity to learn new programming languages and modern web development frameworks. As a bilingual blog, I plan to add a simple logic on the homepage to automatically redirect visitors to the corresponding language page based on their browser language settings. During the testing process, I found that different browsers handle the system language list differently, which is a common challenge in frontend development. Although in most cases, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript standards behave consistently across different browsers, there are still slight differences.

  29. # 8 - Happiness is sometimes simple

    On November 22nd, the CEO turmoil at OpenAI finally came to an end with Sam Altman's return. Along with his return, the company's board of directors underwent restructuring.In the past two weeks, I have been using ChatGPT intensively to help me create new projects (see the article in this issue of the blog for details). I'm not sure if it's related to the recent events, but the stability of ChatGPT has been quite unsatisfactory lately. I hope that with the re-stabilization of the company's management team, the quality of the service will also improve.

  30. # 7 - Let a thousand programming publications bloom

    Last week, Tony Stubblebine, the CEO of Medium, published an article titled Let a thousand programming publications bloom on Medium. In the article, he announced the temporary suspension of the highly acclaimed publication, Better Programming, in order to make room for other programming publications, as the title suggests.Better Programming is popular on Medium and is one of the most subscribed technology publications. Some of the articles I have published on Medium have been accepted and recommended to more readers through Better Programming. However, as the IT field continues to specialize, Better Programming's readers are receiving many excellent articles that are not directly relevant to their interests. This not only disperses the readers' attention but also hinders the formation of closer connections between readers and authors.

  31. # 6 - Pausing for Progress

    According to a report by MacRumors, Apple engineers have been instructed to pause ongoing development of new versions and focus on fixing existing bugs and improving software performance. This pause is expected to last for one week.We won't discuss whether one week is enough time to fix the numerous issues in the current system, frameworks, and development tools. But at least Apple is showing the intention and determination to address the bugs, something that many developers and users have been expecting for a long time.

  32. # 5 - New Chip, New MacBook

    On October 31, Apple held the shortest product launch in history. As expected, Apple released the MacBook Pro and iMac based on the M3 chip.Based on the data, the M3 chip shows moderate improvement in the CPU aspect, but its GPU performance is outstanding, especially with hardware-level ray tracing support.

  33. # 4 - Local or Cloud? Which is the better choice?

    Yuque is a well-known cloud note service provider in China, positioned as a knowledge base tool, highly favored by IT companies and developers. However, last week Yuque encountered a severe online outage that lasted for a whole 7 hours. Coupled with the founder's departure a few months ago, various speculations circulated on the internet. Eventually, the problem was resolved, and in order to appease public opinion, Yuque offered six months of free membership as compensation to its users.

  34. # 3 - Effective communication is a dialogue, not a monologue

    Last week, Alexandre Colucci released his annual report analyzing the usage of Swift and SwiftUI in the latest version of iOS. The report's findings were consistent with expectations, showing an increase in usage of both Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 17. Particularly exciting is the significant growth in the adoption of SwiftUI in Apple's own applications.

  35. # 2 - Embracing a Bright Future, Yet Bound by Reality

    From the launch of the first beta version at WWDC 2023, SwiftData has been around for four months in the blink of an eye. In the past month, I have devoted considerable effort to researching and learning it, and have written several articles about it.SwiftData largely addresses several major criticisms of Core Data. This is mainly reflected in the following

  36. # 1 - New Beginning, New Weekly, Two Languages

    A few months ago, the "摸鱼周报" officially came to an end after completing 100 issues. As an editor for the content recommendation section, I felt very relaxed and happy during the period that just ended, no longer needing to prepare articles every week. However, after some time, I realized that those articles I carefully selected, read, and recommended left a deep impression on me when I searched for technical clues from memory. Although I still read many articles and blogs every day after the publication ceased, the impression is not as profound as when I was an editor. Therefore, I have decided to create a new electronic newsletter where I can share excellent works and information while also gaining something from the process of collecting and organizing.