Impressions on WWDC 2024

Fatbobman's Swift Weekly #036

Jun 17, 2024

WWDC 2024 has successfully concluded. I will share my thoughts and feelings about several aspects that particularly resonated with me, reflecting on the highlights of this WWDC....

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Jun 19, 2024
Creating Stunning Dynamic Text Effects with TextRender

The Text component is extremely common in SwiftUI applications. Over the past few years, despite Apple continually expanding its capabilities, developers have been eager for deeper control over this component. At WWDC 2024, SwiftUI introduced the TextRender protocol, granting developers new powers to adjust the rendering performance of the Text component, making it possible to achieve many previously unimaginable effects. This article will delve into this new feature.

SwiftData in WWDC 2024: The Revolution Continues, Stability Still Awaits

Since its debut last year, SwiftData has become a focal framework that has garnered significant attention from developers. With the arrival of WWDC 2024, there is widespread anticipation for breakthroughs in functionality, performance, and stability in SwiftData. This article will review the performance of the latest version of SwiftData and share the complex emotions I experienced during my first encounter with the new version: shock, joy, disheartened, and perplexed.

Before WWDC 2024: The Future Potential and Real Challenges of SwiftData

At the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple launched the highly anticipated new generation data management framework — SwiftData. As the successor to Core Data, can SwiftData play a key role in the Apple ecosystem? With WWDC 2024 approaching, this article will evaluate the overall performance of SwiftData since its initial release during the Xcode 15 period (i.e., its first major version), and provide a forecast of its future development.

Before WWDC 2024: Reviewing Key SwiftUI Upgrades from 2019 to 2023 and Their Impact

When people reunite after a long absence, they are often surprised by the changes in each other; however, the transformations in those who are with us day after day are often overlooked. In this article, I will sift through the key updates to SwiftUI that have made a significant impression on me since its first version. This is not only a reflection on the evolution of SwiftUI from its inception to its maturity but also a fresh appreciation of the vitality it embodies.

May 15, 2024
What Does spacing = nil Mean in SwiftUI?

In SwiftUI, many layout container constructors include a spacing parameter with a default value of nil, which controls the spacing between adjacent views. This article will start with this default parameter to explore the concept of Spacing in SwiftUI in-depth, and share some related tips and considerations.