Development Musings for Health Notes 2.0 (Part 4)

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After two weeks of treatment, my father finally escaped life-threatening danger. Due to the pandemic, the hospital only allowed one caregiver to stay with him, and the inability of patients to see their families for extended periods led to severe psychological issues. After careful consideration, we brought him home over the weekend. Two days after returning home, his condition improved significantly. The comprehensive health data I provided to the hospital, covering several years of my father’s health, played an important role in his treatment.

This week, I haven’t had much energy or mood for coding. Over the last few days, building on the unified sheet management and real-time Form base, I completed a Sheet that can control the cancel gesture. This has been a significant missing feature in SwiftUI for a long time. “Creating a Sheet in SwiftUI with Controllable Cancel Gesture”

Xcode 12 beta 6 still has many bugs. In the past few days, I encountered the ‘four-country screen’ issue three times. There are also many problems with SwiftUI 2.0’s List, which even seems less stable than 1.0, and there are obvious efficiency issues. I have temporarily replaced all instances of List with LazyVStack.

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