Development Musings for Health Notes 2.0 (Part 3)

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Due to a family member’s sudden illness, I have been frequently visiting the hospital recently, which has significantly limited my time for development.

At this point, the App has completed all the logic for creating, editing, displaying, and deleting notes, entries, and data. If we don’t consider additional features like charts, data import/export, and cross-referencing, the basic functionality of the App is already in place.

In this round of development, I have focused on improving the way forms are developed. The forms now exhibit a significant improvement in responsiveness and decision-making compared to the previous version.

This time, I have unified the previously scattered sources of truth, which not only makes code management easier but also facilitates many features that were previously impossible or very difficult to implement.

For details on form processing, you can refer to my article “How to Create a Real-Time Responsive Form in SwiftUI”.

Additionally, since my App also makes extensive use of sheets, I have standardized the management of sheet responses. I have documented this in another article “How to Pop Up Different Sheets in SwiftUI Based on Needs”.

Time is limited, so I’m just jotting down a few notes.

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