Reflecting on Two Years of Using Health Notes and My Physical Condition in Recent Years

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In mid-2019, I had the idea to develop an app for recording my health data and completed the first very basic version of Health Notes in October of the same year. To this day, I have been using Health Notes for two years.

According to the data recorded, my health indicators have been relatively good in the years following surgery, although they have not reached an ideal state. Compared to my previous indicators, there has been significant improvement, and I hope to maintain this in the long term.

After accumulating a certain amount of body index data, many issues and details can be reflected. Often, there is a significant discrepancy between subjective bodily feelings and the results of examinations.


Many times, even though I feel quite well, the indicators remind me that I need to rest and make moderate adjustments. Combining subjective and objective information for comprehensive judgment helps to better understand my physical condition.

Additionally, by analyzing the trend differences between various indicators, it also provides my doctor and me with a basis for adjusting medication and exercise levels.


My creatinine levels have decreased from 2100 at the onset of the disease to 1100 during the dialysis period, and finally to near the standard value (close to the upper limit of the standard value) after three years post-surgery. Although I underwent a second surgery on the fourth day after the transplant surgery due to a sudden complication, it was fortunately uneventful. The overall trend has been positive, despite some minor fluctuations. The trend of urea nitrogen has been basically consistent with creatinine, but it has never dropped to the standard range.

In the three years post-surgery, I have consistently exercised, controlling my weight from 82 kg before the surgery to the current 67 kg. My body fat percentage decreased from 28% post-surgery to the current 14%. I continuously adjusted my exercise volume and content based on my physical feelings and data trends (at one point, I pursued a lower body fat percentage, and when my weight dropped to 64 kg with a body fat percentage of 12%, neither subjective feelings nor objective data were satisfactory, so I gave up).

Unlike me, who mainly records my data with Health Notes, my wife uses it primarily to record various conditions of our furry child, such as vaccinations, bathing and grooming, physical abnormalities, and various small mistakes 😅, etc.




A few months ago, my dog was diagnosed with early-stage renal failure, so I established similar biochemical indicator notes for him.


After several months of adjustment, the dog’s indicators have stabilized, and the main indicators have improved.

Health Notes is designed for users with long-term data recording needs and habits, currently mainly used by chronic patients or their families. Consistent recording of various body indicators over time can bring unexpected rewards.

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